Alcron Hotel

Alcron Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic

The luxurious Alcron Hotel Prague is located adjacent to Wenceslas Square, in the heart of Prague’s cultural, historical, shopping and business district. Built in 1932, the Alcron Hotel has always been at the center of the city’s cultural scene. The luxurious Art Deco property is home to The Alcron, Michelin-starred restaurant 2012 – 2017, and the BeBop Bar, a world-class bar serving unique and entertaining cocktails as well as rare spirits.


The Alcron hotel was built by architect Alois Krofta in 1932 and became the first luxury hotel in Prague. In addition to the interesting architectural design and the very luxurious interior, the hotel featured stateof-the-art technology throughout. Most of it was designed by Krofta himself. Almost overnight the hotel became a roaring success, welcoming the top echelons of society and politics through its doors.The hotel’s name was inspired by the ALCRON, a sailing vessel in Greek mythology. The ship eventually became the logo of the hotel and small replicas of the ship can still be seen today on the original fireplace grating located in the Alcron Restaurant.

Our 204 exceptionally comfortable guest rooms, including 70 Deluxe rooms & 25 suites, are furnished in the contemporary Art Deco style and offer many amenities to make your stay unforgettable. Our guests appreciate the world-class hospitality and unparalleled service our team delivers at any point of contact. We offer the friendliest and most personable service around.

Alcron Hotel

Alcron Hotel

Great Dining Experience

Experience the ultimate fine dining in the intimate atmosphere of the Alcron restaurant which seats only 24 diners. Guests can select their own Asian-inspired tasting menu of up to 7 courses offered with wine pairing. From the gourmet cuisine to the splendid surroundings and gracious service, the Alcron promises a truly extraordinary evening.

The La Rotonde, an elegant restaurant designed in the Art Deco style, honoured with several awards, offers an excellent selection of Czech and international dishes. In summer, enjoy an informal dinner on a quiet terrace and choose from our traditional summer barbecue menu.

The elegant Be Bop Lobby Bar, designed in the Art Deco style, is a world-class bar serving signature Be cocktails as well as rare spirits: Be An Alchemist, Be Glamorous, Be A Chef or Be Unique or the rich and sumptuous Macallan No 6. These mesmerising drinks are creatively prepared to be visually dazzling as well as delicious.