Community Care

On Giving Back

Today, luxury isn’t just about the many experiences travellers can embark on, but also about what they, as affluent world citizens, can give back.

Heavens Portfolio’s community outreach initiatives, and those of our clients, aim to bolster communities in the destinations to which we travel and to aid organisations trying to forge a better world. Conservation, education, cultural awareness, and sustainability are core to the Heavens Portfolio philosophy, and to those of our clients, and we encourage travellers and partners to collaborate with us on these worthy endeavours.


Project Nanhi Kali - India

Project Nanhi Kali, which translates to ‘a little bud’ in Hindi, supports the education of underprivileged girls in India. Designed to support girls from low-income families to complete ten years of formal schooling, the project has impacted the lives of over 450,000 girls (called Nanhi Kalis) from underserved communities across the country.



Cambodian Children's Fund

Cambodian Children's Fund transforms the lives of the most impoverished and neglected children in Cambodia through high quality education, leadership training and direct support programs. CCF works in direct contact with the most at-risk students, their families and wider community members to create a highly responsive approach in addressing the daily issues faced by those living in extreme poverty.

Founded in 2004, CCF is a 501(c)(3) U.S. registered charity and has fundraising offices in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Australia.



Taman Gumi Banten

Land Rehabilitation and Community Empowerment

In collaboration with the Rotary Club, Heavens Portfolio is pursuing another cause which is close to our heart. – sustainability and community empowerment. Mangrove forests do not receive special attention from the community and government, and there is an increasing confiscation of the mangrove forest area by the community as a place of business or settlement, and even worse, a place to dispose of illegal waste.

With Bali losing out its main source of income from tourism, we are empowering our community in the industry to take a part on this meaningful initiative. Our project is divided into 3 phases – land rehabilitation, construction of decomposer stage, and cultivation of honey bees.


CRIBS Foundation Inc.

CRIBS is a residential care facility in the Philippines, which runs two flagship programs: Receiving Home (RH), which cares for abandoned, surrendered, neglected and dependent children from 0-4 years old – and New Beginnings (NB), which cares for young female victims of sexual abuse from the ages of 7 to 17.

From its inception almost 50 years ago, CRIBS has cared for almost 3,000 children.  It has and will always be committed to its Vision / Mission of taking a wholistic, integrated approach in providing a loving home for the impoverished children entrusted to its care – a home where they feel protected, educated, healed and eventually capable of responding healthily and happily to life’s opportunities and challenges.



The Foundation for Professional Training Inc.

Lifelong Development for Women

The Foundation for Professional Training Inc. (FPTI) operates three technical vocational (senior high school grade 11-12) schools for young women scholars from underprivileged backgrounds.  Since the inception of our pioneering employment-led education programs in the 1980’s, we have provided young women scholars with a quality education that makes them job-ready and highly employable.  Our schools have a track record of over 95% employment for all graduates within one month of graduation. Our students enter the workforce with relevant skills and knowledge, and—equally important—a strong sense of values and work ethic. Our curriculum aims to give each student the strong chance to attain that dignity of working, to earn an income to support themselves and their families, to be a part of the positive change we all dream of for our society.



=DREAMS is a first-of-its-kind secular, co-ed weekday residential model that provides after-school education and holistic support. Originally conceptualised by the South Central Community Family Service Centre, it is now a registered charity under the Charities Act and recognised as an Institution of a Public Character (IPC). =DREAMS aspires to create a child-centric system of care that empowers promising and deserving children from low-income households to break out of poverty, allowing them to dream of a future where they are not limited by family circumstances.