Located at 99 Haig Road, Singapore 438748, =DREAMS will house up to 80 students in the initial stage, progressively moving to have students in each of the six pre-tertiary academic levels living in the residence. The full-term target is a cohort of 240 students. The boarders will come from different constituencies in Singapore.

To qualify for the programme, the child should have secured a place in a secondary school based on his/her PSLE results. Successful applicants will benefit from the programme for up to 6 years, from Secondary 1 to Pre-tertiary.

Children under the programme will commute to school themselves and return to our boarding facility after the school day where they will receive after-school academic and holistic support. This includes differentiated programmes designed according to the specific needs of each age band, such as coding classes, eco-citizenship cultivation lessons, leadership and critical- thinking-focused training incorporated into their schedules and offered during term breaks. We are a home-away-from-home for the children during school days, and they return to their family on weekends and school holidays.

Heavens Portfolio contributed to the =Dreams Digital Lab program, and will also support the organization in raising brand awareness with media partners and via social media channels. Additionally, HP will also support their gala event which is slated for the second half of 2022.