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Foundation for Professional Training Inc.

Equipping Young Women with the Skill-sets for Employment

The Foundation for Professional Training Inc. (FPTI) operates three technical vocational (senior high school grade 11-12) schools for young women scholars from underprivileged backgrounds.  Since the inception of their pioneering employment-led education programs in the 1980’s, they have provided young women scholars with a quality education that makes them job-ready and highly employable.  Their schools have a track record of over 95% employment for all graduates within one month of graduation.

The students enter the workforce with relevant skills and knowledge, and—equally important—a strong sense of values and work ethic. Their curriculum aims to give each student the strong chance to attain that dignity of working, to earn an income to support themselves and their families, to be a part of the positive change we all dream of for our society.

The FPTI scholarship program covers the cost of a scholar’s tuition.  This amounts to P60,000 per year for two years for one scholar to complete the program.  All contributions for scholarship support are pooled into FPTI’s scholarship fund to support all schools.  They are open to receiving scholarship support for any amount, even amounts less than the cost to cover one scholar for the two years as they believe that everyone’s generosity, no matter the amount, is valuable. 

Heavens Portfolio believes in giving young women a chance to receive a quality education that equips them to become professionals in various fields for future employment . We will work hand-in-hand with this organization to raise awareness and support in the coming years.